Monday, December 31, 2007

Director Says Season Good Time to Catch Cheaters

Although infidelity can occur virtually at any time, according to some experts, Christmas is one of the main times to catch a cheating spouse.

Hamlet Smith, director of Life Strategies Counseling Services, said there are a multitude of reasons why cheaters can become more transparent during the holiday season.

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I Confess – To Forgive a Cheating Husband

I often heard older women say they can tell when their man is cheating. They knew by looking for certain tell-tale signs like not allowing you to answer his cell phone; if you live together, him speaking softly on the telephone especially when he never used to talk on the phone much; and a different perfume smell on him or lipstick on his shirt.

The intimate things include him kissing you different or not being as affectionate or attentive as before; him not so interested in sex as often, or wanting to try different things that he never used to do before; not coming around as often, or if you're living together, staying out late or finding reasons to have to leave home and, of course, him passing on a sexual infection to you.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Top 10 Infidelity News Stories of 2007

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston's 4th annual list of the top 10 infidelity news stories for the year. Previous lists have been dominated by same-sex infidelity, celebrity infidelity, female infidelity and workplace infidelity. But this year, infidelity among presidential candidates, local politicians, and government officials figured prominently in the news.

This is the 4th annual list of top 10 infidelity news stories for the year compiled by New York-based infidelity expert Ruth Houston, who is frequently called on by the media to comment on popular infidelity issues and infidelity-related breaking news.

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Infidelity is Just Human

It's easy to forget that we're just mammals wearing clothes. I'm always reminded when the spring racing carnival comes around of the primal urge we have as animals to procreate. The females of the species slink about in their strappy, low-cut dresses and high heels, and the males of the species scrub up in their cheap suits and wraparound sunglasses, both drawn to the breeding ground during mating season, and then become socially lubricated with alcohol. Sure, there's the odd accountant on his RDOs wearing a nappy and sporting a beer can on his head with a tube going into his mouth. He can be explained by the term "natural selection".

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Infidelity a Problem? Offset Your Cheating Online

A Web site is offering people the chance to offset their infidelity by paying random strangers to remain faithful in a satirical bid to highlight its view of carbon offsetting as an "inadequate" and "misguided" response to climate change.

Cheatneutral began as a joke amongst three friends--Beth Stratford, Alex Randall and Christian Hunt - and works in two ways to tame fast females and philanderers.

Users can freely sign up to become a Cheatneutral "project", meaning they agree to remain single or monogamous in order to neutralize the cheating of somebody else. Or they can offset their own cheating by sponsoring a "project" with a one-time $2.21 payment.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Stamford Private Eye Reveals Case Secrets

Vito Colucci likes to call the days leading up to Feb. 14 Valenslyne Day. Those are the days this Stamford private eye's phone rings incessantly.

On the other end of the phone, usually, is a suspicious spouse looking for someone to spy on their cheating mate.

So when Colucci saw the Mercedes pull into his driveway and a well-dressed, good-looking man of 38 step out, he expected much of the same.

"He comes in, sits down and tells me he wants me to follow his wife," Colucci recalls. "He shows me a photograph of a beautiful blonde woman. So I start asking him the usual hundred questions — her name, the type of car she drives, where he thinks she's going. Then he tells me he wants me to start following her at 2 p.m. and asks if I can go past midnight to 2 a.m. I say sure. Then he says he wants me to call in a report every 15 to 20 minutes."

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Eva & Tony Deny Infidelity Rumors

Following online reports that NBA star Tony Parker, handsome hubby of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, had an affair with French model Alexandra Paressant, the San Antonio Spurs basketball player has come out in defense of himself and his marriage.

In response to the story, Tony tells OK! in a statement released Wednesday night, “I love my wife. She’s the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier.”

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beware Holiday Office Party Blunders

Think your husband or wife may be making whoopee at the annual holiday office party? You can hire a private eye from a Mt. Clemens-based firm to go to the party undercover and make sure your spouse isn't getting into more than the holiday cheer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cheating Spouse is using his own resources to cheat on his wife. Darren Morganstern - who founded the Web site for married people who want to walk on the wild side and has the motto, "Life Is Short: Have an Affair" - is sampling his own goods. Despite telling Dr. Phil and anchors on CNN and "20/20" that he is faithful to his wife, his rep, Elissa Buchter, now confirms, "He is currently using the site to cheat on his wife." Morganstern is also trying to rent billboard space in Times Square for his cheating site.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Readers Debate ‘Arranged’ Infidelity

I received hundreds of replies to my column from last week, “What to do when a spouse OKs sleeping around,” which addressed a man’s unhappiness with his wife’s offer that he discreetly sleep with other women, since she no longer has any desire for sex.

Clearly, people have very strong feelings about this. The subject of whether or not you are having enough sex within marriage is emotionally charged, as is the question of what exactly constitutes infidelity.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Houston Computer Forensics Firm Launches Partnership with Private Investigator to Uncover ‘Infidelity Secrets’ for Clients Facing Divorce

A Houston computer forensics firm has joined forces with noted private investigator Otis Owens to help desperate married clients find an answer to the painful question:

“Is my husband (or wife) having an affair?”

The new alliance between Owens and eDiscovery Forensics, Inc., “allows us to better service people who are going through the agony of a divorce,” says eDiscovery co-owner Gary Huestis. “We get to the truth by using the 21st century science of computer forensics – the recovery of deleted, damaged and otherwise hidden computer information,” says Huestis.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

If You Suspect Your Lover of Infidelity, Tank Rolls into Action

The instant you lay eyes on the guy, you know exactly how Sherman "Tank" Jones got the nickname. The resemblance is remarkable.

With the body of a bulldozer and head like a wrecking ball -- let's just say you'd be ill advised to diss his mama.

Yet a big part of his job requires being invisible. Him and his size-15 alligator shoes.

As a private investigator, Tank Jones sees what isn't meant to be seen, hears what isn't meant to be heard, knows what is supposed to be secret. He's pretty sure, for example, that a client's boyfriend who ducked out the door at 5:30 for an early-morning run didn't mean to be videotaped indulging in a little side-dish activity on top of a picnic table in Elderberry Park.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Husband Finds Evidence of Wife Cheating on Wii

Every console has a number of uses, but the Wii is thus far the only one I’ve heard of catching a cheating spouse. An unnamed soldier wrote an e-mail to GoNintendo recently describing how he went to serve overseas in 2006 and found out that his wife had cheated on him at one point in October. The infidelity apparently stopped, but when he returned home this past summer, his family and friends began telling him of further incidents. Eventually this all took a toll on the marriage and he moved out and filed for divorce. Recently though, he started casually going through his Wii to look over some of the Miis he had created:

As I go through the characters I see there is a Mii that I have not created. It’s a guy strikingly similar to PBA Bowler *name deleted*. To be sure of this, I went into the Wil Message Board and click on the Calendar option. Through this menu I was able to identify the many nights my wife’s Mii and this ‘other’ Mii Character played Wii Bowling. It became clearly obvious that she couldn’t explain her way out of this. Especially since she claims that she never had contact with him after her alleged ‘kiss’ in October 2006.

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Nursing Home Infidelity Bittersweet but Common

Sandra Day O'Connor retired from the U.S. Supreme Court last year to care for her husband, John, who has Alzheimer's disease.

Now he's fallen in love with another woman - and his wife approves.

John O'Connor was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease 17 years ago, and Ms. O'Connor was his sole caregiver for a long time. In the early years, she sometimes took him to court with her.

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To Catch a Cheater

On prime time television, adultery is popular story line, for good reason.

According to some studies, cheating accounts for a third of all divorces.

There is even a television show dedicated to catching a straying spouse.

“Jay”, who works for Security One Group in Baltimore, knows the lengths some people will go to catch a cheater and how you can do it too. He tells us, "Most of the clients are women, yes. But we do have some males who don't trust their wives."

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Monday, November 12, 2007

Private Eyes: Internet Tempts Cheatin' Hearts

When Beverly Barraque got a phone call from the Dallas-based television show "Cheaters" about working a case, she didn't think twice about turning down the offer.

The Beaumont private investigator didn't want to get involved, she said, because she didn't want to "smear people's business all over television."

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Friday, November 2, 2007

Your Cheating Spouse: Recovering From an Affair and Rebuilding a Relationship

For 18 years, Anne Bercht thought she had the perfect marriage. Then one day her husband, Brian Bercht, told her he was having an affair.

“For 18 years, I was in a good marriage,” said Bercht, who lives in the Canada’s western-most province, British Columbia.

“I really prioritized marriage,” she said. “My husband and I both prioritized marriage. And when he came home one night and said he was having an affair, I was shocked. The first words I said, which was a mistake, were ‘I forgive you.’ And then, of course, I told him he could never see her again.”

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A Close Affair

A36- year-old woman, married for 13 years, seeks therapy for lack of interest in her marriage. She has known her husband since her college days, which is seven years before they got hitched. Not too long ago, her husband was her best friend. But now she feels they were just not meant to be together.

A few months ago she met a friend from college and started spending a lot of time with him. However, she denies any sexual attraction towards him. With her husband she is aloof and even withdrawn.

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When Should You Hire a Private Investigator to Catch Your Cheating Spouse?

As the author of an infidelity book packed with hundreds of signs of infidelity you can find on your own, I rarely recommend using a private investigator to catch a cheating spouse.

Sometimes You Really Need a Private Eye

However, I do think there are times when you should hire a private investigator even though there are numerous signs of infidelity you can discover for yourself. Even though my book covers practically every known sign of infidelity, certain people should never attempt to find these signs on their own. And I say this despite the fact that all the signs in my book can be found using just your own eyes and ears and your personal knowledge of your mate.

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Monday, October 29, 2007

Wives with Cheating Husbands Can Gain the Upper Hand

Most wives with cheating husbands put up with their husband’s infidelity because they feel they have no choice. Or they simply suffer in silence because they don’t know what else to do. There’s no need to sit back and be a helpless victim, if your husband is cheating on you. You may not realize it, but you have a lot more power and control than you think.

There’s a lot you can do to make the best of a bad situation and in the process, minimize a lot of the damage infidelity can cause. With a careful plan of action, you can actually gain the upper hand. And most of it can be done quietly behind the scenes.

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Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tips to Repair After an Affair

Is infidelity a forgivable sin? When surveyed, 90 percent of Americans say that infidelity is wrong, yet 20 percent of men and 13 percent of women actually do cheat on their spouses. Infidelity is devastating families across the country as the cycle of self-blame, betrayal and anger can be difficult to break. We work with many couples who choose to stay together after an affair. If they seek help early and confront the different issues that instigated the affair, there can be real hope of relationship recovery.

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

Why Men Cheat vs Why Women Cheat

What makes a person in a marriage or committed relationship cheat on their spouse or significant other? Surprisingly, the answer depends on whether you’re talking about a cheating woman or a cheating man. Men and women cheat for different reasons. Several infidelity studies found that men and women who are cheating on their spouses gave different reasons to justify their extramarital affairs.

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Thursday, October 11, 2007

Top 10 Signs of Infidelity Found to Be Misleading By Infidelity Expert's New Research

Fourteen years of ongoing research by a leading infidelity expert have consistently revealed that the top 10 signs of infidelity can mislead suspicious mates who are seeking evidence of an affair.

According to infidelity expert Ruth Houston, founder of, suspicious spouses should put less emphasis on the top 10 signs of infidelity, and focus instead on 21 areas of concern.

Because people rely so heavily on the top 10 signs of infidelity, Houston, the author of a popular infidelity book, has compiled a free special report to assist those seeking signs of infidelity, entitled "21 Ways to Spot a Cheating Mate."

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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Reverse Phone Lookup "Detective" Now Provides Fast and Easy Reverse Cell Phone Lookups

People with a cheating spouse, those weary of telemarketers and threatening prank callers, and individuals with just too many friends to keep track of need a way to get more information about the calls made to and from their cell phones. These facts are borne out by the increased traffic on white pages sites as well as at people search and reverse phone lookup portals. On the other hand, people used to the lightning-fast technology of cells and PDAs don't want to have to spend too much time retrieving the information they need.

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Monday, October 1, 2007

Billboard Angers Hollywood Residents

People in West Hollywood, California, are furious about a billboard. And they're demanding that it be taken down. The billboard reads:

"Life is Short... Have An Affair"

It was put up by the Ashley Madison Agency, a Southern California dating service, that encourages marital infidelity. The agency maintains that married people get bored with each other, and it's allright to cheat on your spouse. People are protesting the billboard. They're actually walking a picket line, and carrying signs.

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Survey Findings On Perceptions of Infidelity in Online and Virtual World Environments

Spunlogic, an award-winning interactive marketing and technology agency, released the findings of a survey on the perceptions of infidelity in online and virtual world environments.

With social networks, text messaging, and even virtual worlds beginning to play a role in interpersonal relationships, real-world effects are beginning to take shape. An example made headlines recently -- a man, who created a character representing himself in the virtual world Second Life, married his "in-world" romantic interest, prompting his real-world wife to file for divorce.

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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

The Family Factor in Politics

No doubt about it: Everywhere you look, elected officials – and those running for office – have been scrambling to patch up troubled marriages or put a good spin on infidelity, divorce, or the problems of their kids. (Rudy’s kids are estranged from him; both Giambra and Brown have had teenage sons get in trouble with the law this year.)

All this makes one question very important as we head into national and regional elections: Does a person’s marital status – and family cohesiveness – matter anymore to voters?

Investigators Find a Way to Get Inside

It can’t always work this way, of course. It might, in fact, be a once-in-a-lifetime case, with the pursued walking into camera range of the pursuer and sitting down for coffee.

Joe Broadmeadow was sitting in a Starbucks in Providence, with his laptop in front of him, when he got a call on his cell phone from a lawyer. The lawyer wanted him to track down another lawyer, a very prominent one, and get a picture of the guy with his girlfriend.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Focusing on Marriage Fidelity

Prevention is a sure fire way to keep a relationship from going off track, and there's no better time than today to take a look at issues that commonly push couples toward breakups or divorce court.

That's right, it's Marriage Fidelity Day. Haven't heard of it? Don't worry, you're not alone. But its creator, Penny Tupy, hopes to change that one state at a time, asking governors across the country to sign proclamations observing it.

Tupy has seen her share of rejections so far, even twice from officials in her home state of Wisconsin. But the non-denominational observance created by the 45-year-old relationship coach has its supporters.

Friday, September 14, 2007

Voulez-Vous Hide Your Adulterous Ways?

France is famous for its relaxed attitude to affairs of the heart (and loins). Unlike in the Anglo-Saxon world, the existence of extra-marital affairs -- from the fictional Madame Bovary to former President Francois Mitterrand -- is taken for granted there. French men even have a term for their mistresses: Le cinq √° sept (the 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.). Now French adulterers are being offered a discreet and tailor-made service to help them indulge in their dalliances without getting caught.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Singer Sara Evans Accused of Regular Infidelity

Singer Sara Evans is having her personal life dragged through the press because onetime U.S. Senate candidate Craig Schleske is filing for divorce and it's getting incredibly messy. Like McCartney-messy. According to E!, Schleske filed a 188-page motion that asks that Sara Evans divulge all kinds of personal information, including what medication she's taking and who she's been sleeping with. And Schleske claims that the last answer is going to be a long one. Documents filed in a Williamson County, Tennessee court and obtained by E! reports that Schleske has accused Sara Evans of sleeping with at least 11 other people while they were married.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Infidelity Argument Ends in Stabbing

After an argument with her cheating husband, an Iowa woman says she grabbed a knife to protect herself and he walked into it.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Suspicions of infidelity worth acting on

Studies indicate that suspicions about partners having an affair turn out to be right 90 per cent of the time, says Dr Raj Persaud, a consultant psychiatrist at London's Maudsley Hospital.

It's a frightening statistic. But before you rush out and hire a detective or challenge your partner head-on, you should first be sure whether your suspicions are reasonable or just the imaginings of very jealous mind.

What you shouldn't do is let your suspicions take over your life, nor ignore them and hope they'll go away.

Helene, a British expatriate living in Hong Kong, did the latter, choosing to ignore suspicions about her husband Jon.

"Of course, the signs seem obvious looking back," she says. "Business calls on the mobile at all hours, regular business trips overseas even over weekends, a sudden interest in hair products ..."

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Is Open Marriage the Modern Couple's Answer to Infidelity?

AlterNet: Sex & Relationships: Is Open Marriage the Modern Couple's Answer to Infidelity?: "When I think about open marriages, I can only conjure a stereotype: deeply unsatisfied adults, most likely going through a mid-life crisis, pathetically searching for hot sex as a solution. You know, key parties, 'The Ice Storm.' It is difficult for me to think of it as something new or current, or as something my friends would do.

But apparently, I am stuck in the past. Plenty of intelligent, successful, hip people are considering the not-quite-forsaking-all-others option on 'til-death-do-us-part. And by now, most women are familiar with the statistic heard 'round the world, publicized in an article in 'The New York Times' in January. At this time in our history, for the first time ever, there are more women living that are single than are married. Women are staying single. Couples are divorcing. Marriage isn't entirely working, at least for a subset of the population. So could non-monogamous coupling be the answer?"

BYU Professor Says Religion Plays Role in Fidelity - BYU Professor Says Religion Plays Role in Fidelity: "A BYU professor says being actively religious could help married couples remain faithful.

David Dollahite is a professor of family life at Brigham Young University. He was doing research on how religion influences marriage and family when he started to see a link between religion and fidelity.

He says there are several studies that show religious involvement helps protect marriages from infidelity. But he wanted to know more about why that might be the case.

Dollahite interviewed 57 married couples in New England and California. Each couple claimed to be highly religious and represented several different faiths, including Christianity, Islam and Judaism.

He says highly religious couples said they viewed their marriages as sacred and more important than a simple human connection."

Monday, June 11, 2007

Living a double life isn't fair to either of you

Living a double life isn't fair to either of you | Chicago Tribune: "Dear Amy: I have an issue that must be common with thousands of men, and I am hoping you can help me. I am in my mid-50s and have been married to a wonderful woman for 30-plus years. We have three children who are grown and out on their own. They are all doing very well.

When I was 12, I realized that I was different and attracted to boys, but I also was attracted to girls. I put my attraction to men aside when we got married, and I kept it aside for 30 years. I grew up in a time when gay relationships were not understood or accepted.

In the last few years, since my wife has passed through menopause and is not interested in sex, my interest in my own gender has increased. I have had a few extramarital flings with men, and now I admit to a long-term affair with one man."

Does the Internet Make Cheating Easier - Or Just Easier to Detect?

Investigation News - Does the Internet Make Cheating Easier - Or Just Easier to Detect? - Investigator Directory: "A recent series on The Today Show underscores what many already know - infidelity is a major problem today and the Internet seems to be making the problem worse. However, despite what cheaters believe, the Internet is not a safe haven for affairs.

Recently, The Today Show hosted a three-part series on “Cheating: The Business of Infidelity.” The show revealed that Americans are more than ever worried about cheating in their relationships and especially their marriages. The show revealed some shocking statistics: 65% of couples have had, are having, or plan to have an adulterous affair, meaning that nearly 40 million married adults are affected by infidelity directly. Moreover, 15% of wives and 20% of husbands have cheated, according to research done for the series. This makes infidelity investigations a $400 million market, as couples turn to attorneys and private investigators to get answers."

What Makes the Internet Attractive to Cheaters

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Domestic Investigations - When There is Trouble in the Home

Investigation News - Domestic Investigations - When There is Trouble in the Home - Investigator Directory: "Domestic investigations are one of the most common reasons private investigators are hired, and they can give you the results you need to get real peace of mind.

According to statistics, private investigators spend the majority of their time working on domestic investigations. Despite this fact, investigators report that clients coming to them for help with domestic matters often are reluctant or are embarrassed to share personal problems. The truth is that there is no reason to be shy about seeking out a domestic investigator. Not only are many investigators very experienced in this type of case, but the results from domestic investigations can dramatically improve your life. Consider the types of investigations that can help you:

Infidelity and Divorce
Divorce investigations and infidelity investigations can help you determine whether your spouse or partner is unfaithful. With more than 85% of women, and 80% of men correct in their suspicions about their partner’s unfaithfulness, the truth is that if you have a sneaking suspicion, you may be right, and an investigator can tell you for sure. Rest assured that private investigators are very discreet about trailing unfaithful spouses."

Can your relationship survive an affair?

Investigation News - Can your relationship survive an affair? - Investigator Directory: "What to do if you think your lover is cheating

According to statistics, up to 85% of women and up to 50% of men who believe that their lover is cheating are proven to be right eventually. This means that if you have any suspicions about your partner’s fidelity, you should consider doing something about it now. Unfortunately, your suspicions may be well-founded.

The first step: find out for sure

One of the best ways to find out the truth is to hire a private investigator. Private investigators have a wide range of surveillance techniques and equipment available to them that can help them find out the truth and can help bring you proof one way or the other. A private investigator is licensed to use e-mail tracing techniques, telephone number tracing, Internet activity tracking options and surveillance. An investigator can let you know if your spouse or lover is cheating and can provide details of infidelity.

If you find out the worst

If you have in fact found out that your significant other has cheated on you, your initial reaction may be one of rage or great sadness. It’s not unusual, when betrayed, for motions to take a bit of a roller coaster ride..."

Thursday, May 31, 2007

Discovering Infidelity

Investigation News - Discovering Infidelity - Investigator Directory: "Catching your lover cheatng is easier than it sounds, according to this private investigator. How a few clicks on the Web and a few dollars can confirm your suspicions or ease your mind.

The realization of infidelity brings on a number of truly horrible feelings. But the mere suspicion of a lover cheating can feel nearly as bad. Before one can “move on” they must find the truth. There are a number of signs — for those willing to enter that web — that can help locate the truth. A seasoned investigator claims to have the easiest and most affordable route to discovery.
“Some people just don’t want to know,” says infidelity investigator Mark McAlpin of “Others just don’t know how. We can’t help the former.”

But for those who are willing to find the truth, he says it isn’t that difficult. The information is generally available, he says, if you enter the suspected party’s head.

“Sometimes you have to enter their mind — really think like a cheater.”"

6 ways to prevent affairs

Today's advice: 6 ways to prevent affairs | "Therapist Dr. Frank Pittman believes virtually all cheaters deeply regret straying.

'Infidelity is the most devastating crisis for a family,' said Pittman, one of more than 200 speakers at the three-day conference at the Marriott Marquis. 'It creates an atmosphere of simmering anger, secrets and dishonesty,' he says."

Some estimates suggest half of divorces involve infidelity. But Pittman, an Atlanta psychiatrist for more than four decades, says couples can take preventive steps. Here are some pointers:

1. Stay faithful yourself: If you don't want your spouse to stray, don't have an affair, either. Many affairs are sparked by revenge.

2. Don't marry a cheater: If your husband strayed from his former wife to be with you, then he could leave you for someone else.

3. Normalize lust: It's OK to be attracted to other people; just don't act on it. It's also acceptable to let your spouse know you find a celeb attractive. But don't let your eye wander checking out every hottie that walks by."

Can your relationship survive an affair?

Investigation News - Can your relationship survive an affair? - Investigator Directory: "What to do if you think your lover is cheating

According to statistics, up to 85% of women and up to 50% of men who believe that their lover is cheating are proven to be right eventually. This means that if you have any suspicions about your partner’s fidelity, you should consider doing something about it now. Unfortunately, your suspicions may be well-founded.

The first step: find out for sure

One of the best ways to find out the truth is to hire a private investigator. Private investigators have a wide range of surveillance techniques and equipment available to them that can help them find out the truth and can help bring you proof one way or the other. A private investigator is licensed to use e-mail tracing techniques, telephone number tracing, Internet activity tracking options and surveillance. An investigator can let you know if your spouse or lover is cheating and can provide details of infidelity.

If you find out the worst

If you have in fact found out that your significant other has cheated on you, your initial reaction may be one of rage or great sadness. It’s not unusual, when betrayed, for motions to take a bit of a roller coaster ride. A professional investigator can help you through discretion and sensitivity. Once you know the truth, though, you have some real-life decisions to make."

How to beat a cheat

Investigation News - How to beat a cheat - Investigator Directory: "Watch for these clues to catch him before he breaks your heart

Satina Shumake never thought her fiancé would cheat. He loved cuddling, dinner dates, TV nights and attending family gatherings. He was so predictable she could almost set her watch by his schedule.

Without warning, his habits changed. He became quiet and was absent for long, unexplained periods of time. Instead of storing condoms in a dresser drawer, like he would do normally, he carried them in his workbag."