Thursday, May 31, 2007

6 ways to prevent affairs

Today's advice: 6 ways to prevent affairs | "Therapist Dr. Frank Pittman believes virtually all cheaters deeply regret straying.

'Infidelity is the most devastating crisis for a family,' said Pittman, one of more than 200 speakers at the three-day conference at the Marriott Marquis. 'It creates an atmosphere of simmering anger, secrets and dishonesty,' he says."

Some estimates suggest half of divorces involve infidelity. But Pittman, an Atlanta psychiatrist for more than four decades, says couples can take preventive steps. Here are some pointers:

1. Stay faithful yourself: If you don't want your spouse to stray, don't have an affair, either. Many affairs are sparked by revenge.

2. Don't marry a cheater: If your husband strayed from his former wife to be with you, then he could leave you for someone else.

3. Normalize lust: It's OK to be attracted to other people; just don't act on it. It's also acceptable to let your spouse know you find a celeb attractive. But don't let your eye wander checking out every hottie that walks by."

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