Monday, December 31, 2007

Director Says Season Good Time to Catch Cheaters

Although infidelity can occur virtually at any time, according to some experts, Christmas is one of the main times to catch a cheating spouse.

Hamlet Smith, director of Life Strategies Counseling Services, said there are a multitude of reasons why cheaters can become more transparent during the holiday season.

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I Confess – To Forgive a Cheating Husband

I often heard older women say they can tell when their man is cheating. They knew by looking for certain tell-tale signs like not allowing you to answer his cell phone; if you live together, him speaking softly on the telephone especially when he never used to talk on the phone much; and a different perfume smell on him or lipstick on his shirt.

The intimate things include him kissing you different or not being as affectionate or attentive as before; him not so interested in sex as often, or wanting to try different things that he never used to do before; not coming around as often, or if you're living together, staying out late or finding reasons to have to leave home and, of course, him passing on a sexual infection to you.

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Top 10 Infidelity News Stories of 2007

Infidelity expert Ruth Houston's 4th annual list of the top 10 infidelity news stories for the year. Previous lists have been dominated by same-sex infidelity, celebrity infidelity, female infidelity and workplace infidelity. But this year, infidelity among presidential candidates, local politicians, and government officials figured prominently in the news.

This is the 4th annual list of top 10 infidelity news stories for the year compiled by New York-based infidelity expert Ruth Houston, who is frequently called on by the media to comment on popular infidelity issues and infidelity-related breaking news.

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Infidelity is Just Human

It's easy to forget that we're just mammals wearing clothes. I'm always reminded when the spring racing carnival comes around of the primal urge we have as animals to procreate. The females of the species slink about in their strappy, low-cut dresses and high heels, and the males of the species scrub up in their cheap suits and wraparound sunglasses, both drawn to the breeding ground during mating season, and then become socially lubricated with alcohol. Sure, there's the odd accountant on his RDOs wearing a nappy and sporting a beer can on his head with a tube going into his mouth. He can be explained by the term "natural selection".

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Infidelity a Problem? Offset Your Cheating Online

A Web site is offering people the chance to offset their infidelity by paying random strangers to remain faithful in a satirical bid to highlight its view of carbon offsetting as an "inadequate" and "misguided" response to climate change.

Cheatneutral began as a joke amongst three friends--Beth Stratford, Alex Randall and Christian Hunt - and works in two ways to tame fast females and philanderers.

Users can freely sign up to become a Cheatneutral "project", meaning they agree to remain single or monogamous in order to neutralize the cheating of somebody else. Or they can offset their own cheating by sponsoring a "project" with a one-time $2.21 payment.

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Stamford Private Eye Reveals Case Secrets

Vito Colucci likes to call the days leading up to Feb. 14 Valenslyne Day. Those are the days this Stamford private eye's phone rings incessantly.

On the other end of the phone, usually, is a suspicious spouse looking for someone to spy on their cheating mate.

So when Colucci saw the Mercedes pull into his driveway and a well-dressed, good-looking man of 38 step out, he expected much of the same.

"He comes in, sits down and tells me he wants me to follow his wife," Colucci recalls. "He shows me a photograph of a beautiful blonde woman. So I start asking him the usual hundred questions — her name, the type of car she drives, where he thinks she's going. Then he tells me he wants me to start following her at 2 p.m. and asks if I can go past midnight to 2 a.m. I say sure. Then he says he wants me to call in a report every 15 to 20 minutes."

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Friday, December 14, 2007

Eva & Tony Deny Infidelity Rumors

Following online reports that NBA star Tony Parker, handsome hubby of Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria, had an affair with French model Alexandra Paressant, the San Antonio Spurs basketball player has come out in defense of himself and his marriage.

In response to the story, Tony tells OK! in a statement released Wednesday night, “I love my wife. She’s the best thing in my life, and I have never been happier.”

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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Beware Holiday Office Party Blunders

Think your husband or wife may be making whoopee at the annual holiday office party? You can hire a private eye from a Mt. Clemens-based firm to go to the party undercover and make sure your spouse isn't getting into more than the holiday cheer.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cheating Spouse is using his own resources to cheat on his wife. Darren Morganstern - who founded the Web site for married people who want to walk on the wild side and has the motto, "Life Is Short: Have an Affair" - is sampling his own goods. Despite telling Dr. Phil and anchors on CNN and "20/20" that he is faithful to his wife, his rep, Elissa Buchter, now confirms, "He is currently using the site to cheat on his wife." Morganstern is also trying to rent billboard space in Times Square for his cheating site.

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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Readers Debate ‘Arranged’ Infidelity

I received hundreds of replies to my column from last week, “What to do when a spouse OKs sleeping around,” which addressed a man’s unhappiness with his wife’s offer that he discreetly sleep with other women, since she no longer has any desire for sex.

Clearly, people have very strong feelings about this. The subject of whether or not you are having enough sex within marriage is emotionally charged, as is the question of what exactly constitutes infidelity.

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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Houston Computer Forensics Firm Launches Partnership with Private Investigator to Uncover ‘Infidelity Secrets’ for Clients Facing Divorce

A Houston computer forensics firm has joined forces with noted private investigator Otis Owens to help desperate married clients find an answer to the painful question:

“Is my husband (or wife) having an affair?”

The new alliance between Owens and eDiscovery Forensics, Inc., “allows us to better service people who are going through the agony of a divorce,” says eDiscovery co-owner Gary Huestis. “We get to the truth by using the 21st century science of computer forensics – the recovery of deleted, damaged and otherwise hidden computer information,” says Huestis.

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Monday, December 3, 2007

If You Suspect Your Lover of Infidelity, Tank Rolls into Action

The instant you lay eyes on the guy, you know exactly how Sherman "Tank" Jones got the nickname. The resemblance is remarkable.

With the body of a bulldozer and head like a wrecking ball -- let's just say you'd be ill advised to diss his mama.

Yet a big part of his job requires being invisible. Him and his size-15 alligator shoes.

As a private investigator, Tank Jones sees what isn't meant to be seen, hears what isn't meant to be heard, knows what is supposed to be secret. He's pretty sure, for example, that a client's boyfriend who ducked out the door at 5:30 for an early-morning run didn't mean to be videotaped indulging in a little side-dish activity on top of a picnic table in Elderberry Park.

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