Thursday, April 24, 2008

Kellerman Investigations Expands into New Corporate Office

Business is booming for private investigators! Kellerman Investigations uses the most advanced technology to get results in Missouri & Illinois. As a result of being one of the best firms in the Midwest, it's expanding into new corporate office.

While some businesses are cutting back in this economy, Kellerman Investigations announces a major move to a much larger corporate headquarters in Glen Carbon, Illinois to handle the increase in business in Missouri and Illinois.

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Current Affairs is his Business

Private investigator Luke Athens insists his work with Heartbreakers is nothing like the explosive show Cheaters.

Presenting salacious footage to a shell-shocked cheating partner is more likely to be seen on TV.

"We don't do any confrontations like that," Mr Athens said.

But the premise is similar at the private investigation company at Wetherill Park.

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Uma Thurman’s Great New Challenge

Uma Thurman embarked upon one of her biggest professional conquests yet, in her new film, The Life Before Her Eyes, reports.

The movie also presented a whole new challenge altogether, as Thurman also produced the film. She revealed to Reuters: “I developed it, kicked it around and kept it alive for years, so it was very satisfying to finally get it made.”

It all concerns Diana and her best friend, Maureen, who, as teenagers, were forced by a gunman to choose which one of the girls would live. We follow the adult Diana haunted by this incident as she tries to cope with raising her own child and her husband’s possible infidelity.

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Friday, April 11, 2008

Spitzer Hurt N.Y.

A letter writer equated former President Bill Clinton's marital infidelity with that of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer (Erie Times-News, March 26). This is an evident sign of an irrational Clinton hater.

Clinton betrayed his wife, which is certainly reprehensible and good grounds for divorce, but this is between them and did not affect anyone else. It is not a violation of criminal law. Spitzer broke the law repeatedly by patronizing prostitutes.

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Hillary Clinton Talks Chelsea, Angelina Jolie & Madonna

Elton John hosted a fundraiser in New York City last night for Hillary Clinton and Access Hollywood was there to catch a candid Hillary defending daughter Chelsea who has been bombarded by Monica Lewinsky questions.

“I think she has been very genuine and straight forward,” Hillary said of the way Chelsea has handled the situation. “She says no or she says yes, whatever, she believes is right.”

She may be a senator, but Hillary is a proud mom when it comes to Chelsea. Chelsea recently shot down questions about her father’s infidelity by telling people it was none of their business.

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Religious Attendance Predicts Fidelity

Attendance at religious services predicts marital fidelity, but U.S. researchers say they are not sure why.

David C. Atkins and Deborah E. Kessel of the Fuller Theological Seminary in Pasadena, Calif., examined whether dimensions of religious life -- including prayer, closeness to God, faith and religious activities -- related to infidelity, using structured, face-to-face interviews with questions related to religion and spirituality.

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