Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tiger Woods Still to Hurdle More Challenge Due to Infidelity

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As divulged by, Tiger Woods still has issues to tackle because of his infidelity to partner Elin Nordegren.

The hooker who has claimed that she was the 15th mistress of Woods, Devon James alleges that she has a sex tape which runs for 62 minutes with the world’s highest paid athlete. With her husband, Nick James, she has revealed that she has already sold it in a deal. As expected, she foresees to gain millions. further confirms that the husband was quoted saying they are going to sell the said video through the internet and they will benefit from half of what is earned. Additionally, merchandiser husband says that the website will kick off soon starting off with a teaser. There are even promotional strategies being used to entice buyers.

No one has confirmed the existence of the Tiger Woods sex tape, even Sandra Brinling, the mother of Devon.

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