Monday, October 27, 2008

Intimacy Issues Point to Higher Risk of Cheating

If your significant other has a tendency to hide his or her feelings, avoid intimacy and change the subject whenever the topic of moving in or marriage comes up, you might want to watch out.

According to a new study from the Université de Montreal, he or she is at a higher risk of cheating on you.

The probability of one person being unfaithful in a relationship ranges between 40 and 76 per cent, according to some studies, said Genevieve Beaulieu-Pelletier, a PhD student at the university. (The numbers drop significantly for couples in long-term marriages.)

"It's very high," Beaulieu-Pelletier said. "These numbers indicate that, even if we get married with the best of intentions, things don't always turn out the way we plan.

"What interests me about infidelity is why people are willing to conduct themselves in ways that could be very damaging to themselves and to their relationship."

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

David Duchovny Cheating on Wife Before Separation

It seems actor David Duchovny was involved with tennis coach Edit Parkay even before announcing separation from wife Tea Leoni. reports Parkay saying: 'We have a very, very close friendship. He is in great shape. He is a wonderful man. He's very intelligent, very kind and good man.'

When she was asked if she was romantically involved with Duchovny, she said: 'I don't want to say anything that might hurt David. I am not going to deny it. I don't know what our relationship means to him.'

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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Is A-Rod Connected to Madonna's Divorce Announcement?

The corpse of Madonna and Guy Ritchie's failed marriage is not even cold, but speculation is already surfacing about the Material Girl's latest romantic entanglement. Hours after Madonna's rep confirmed her client's impending divorce from Guy Ritchie, Us Weekly is quoting a source who claims the singer and Alex Rodriguez are "definitely romantic."

Madonna's divorce rumours kicked into high gear earlier this summer, when gossip swirled that the Queen of Pop may have offered the New York Yankees slugger a closer-than-average peek at her cone bra. Her rep, Liz Rosenberg, dutifully shot down the rumours, telling People magazine: "Madonna and Alex have the same manager, Guy Oseary. They have met. They know each other and Madonna took her kids to a Yankees game last week. There's really not anything to comment on beyond that."

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Thursday, October 2, 2008

Wife Avoids Jail for Putting Glass in Husband's Lunch

A vengeful wife who tried to harm her cheating husband by sprinkling crushed glass on his lunches has avoided a jail term.

Hobart Centrelink manager Lynette Quessy, 50, who is back living with her husband, was sentenced today in the state's Supreme Court to a suspended nine-month jail term by Justice Shan Tennent.

Quessy pleaded guilty just before going to trial last month to one count of administering a poison and four counts of attempting to administer a poison.

The court was told she had used a meat tenderiser to ground up glass from a fluorescent tube in her kitchen and it was kept on the top shelf of a pantry until needed.

Then, blended with butter, the glass was served five times in sandwiches and a biscuit treat over two months to November 2007.

Her husband's affair after 20 years of marriage was discovered three years earlier, in 2004.

However, they remained living together in separate rooms of their Hobart home for the sake of their children.

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Wednesday, October 1, 2008


However splendid everything appeared about his daughter's prospective husband, something in the pit of her father's stomach told him that something was wrong. The groom-to-be seemed upright and deeply religious – which was important to the Sikh family – but still, there was something amiss.
Eventually, the anxious father turned to the professionals. He called a private detective, Taralika Lahiri, and asked her to look into the young man's background. It was just as well he did. "We took the job and sent our people. To our horror we discovered that the man was living with his wife and two daughters. He was already married," said Ms Lahiri. "He had proposed to the girl at the same time. The young man was looking to get some dowry. He was cheating the father and the daughter in order to get money."
When approached to take on a case – be it by a man or woman wanting information about a prospective partner, or a suspicious spouse or an anxious parent – the routine of Ms Lahiri and other matrimonial specialists is similar. They will spend several weeks obtaining as much information as they can about that person, speak to their friends and discreetly follow them. If someone is found to be cheating or lying, they will use digital cameras and video and audio recorders to make sure theyhave incontrovertible proof. With that information in hand, they will return to the person who hired them and break the bad news. "They often feel sad, but they feel that they have saved [themselves] before marriage," said Ms Lahiri. "In the long term they feel good."
"When people meet over our site, we strongly recommend a private detective to get all the background when you have a potential bride living in, say, Bangalore and a groom living in Hyderabad," Shaadi.Com's founder, Anupam Mittal, told The Washington Post. "Our country and culture is changing at warp speeds. We are dispersed all over our own country and all over the world. The private detective has now become just another part of India's vast wedding industrial complex."
Another factor adding to the demand for private detectives is the soaring level of dowries given to the family of the groom by the bride's parents. While technically illegal since 1961, experts say the size of dowries and their acceptance by society has in fact grown. So ingrained is the system, that dowry prices are now almost fixed, depending on a prospective husband's salary and career potential.

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