Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Phoenix Rejects $10M Offer From Infidelity Web Site

Phoenix leaders may be desperate for cash to solve their budget crunch. But they weren't seduced by a multi-million-dollar offer from a Web site encouraging husbands and wives to cheat on their spouses.

Infidelity Web site said it would give the cash-strapped city $10 million if it renamed Sky Harbor International Airport the Ashley Madison International Airport over a five-year period.

Deputy City Manager David Krietor told the Toronto-based company in an e-mail thanks but no thanks, saying "For a variety of reasons we will need to decline your generous offer."

"We have not solicited any sponsorships to rename America's Friendliest Airport," added airport spokeswoman Deborah Ostreicher. "The community is very happy with the current name and it is not something that is on the table."

A publicist for the Ashley Madison Agency, whose motto is 'Life is Short, Have an Affair," said she understands why the city turned down the offer but added that a naming-rights deal could prevent employee layoffs.

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