Friday, September 26, 2008

Lonely Hearts Cheat Wanted a Refund

A cheating husband told a court he was £3,000 out of pocket after his “lonely hearts” affair and wanted it back.

Married Geoffrey Fitch, 60, said he showered Gillian Mitchell, 53, with jewellery, took her to the theatre and on trips abroad.

He claimed she then cheated on him. But he was refused his claim for a refund by a judge at Lewes County Court who told him: “It’s easy to be wise with hindsight.”

Health and safety consultant Fitch had a two-year fling with the divorced mother of three but two weeks after they started living together it ended with Fitch accusing Mrs Mitchell of cheating.

Mr Fitch told the court: “If Mrs Mitchell was struggling to make ends meet I would not be demanding money she promised to repay.

“However, I am not prepared to be out of pocket while numerous other men are enjoying her affections.

“While we were together she continued to visit websites Girlsdateforfree, Loopylove and Friends Reunited Dating.

“I do not see why I should pay Mrs Mitchell’s bills while she is spreading her affections around.”

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