Friday, January 18, 2008

Cyber Infidelity Can Be Damaging For Real

In real life, he is a successful 35-year-old business owner and husband-to-be. But on Second Life, the virtual fantasy world with 11 million "residents," his avatar, Lugh Dragonash, is a cyborg, or human machine, which can make it difficult to meet women, he says.

Not that he's looking. But he could, because in Second Life, you build your perfect pretend life, down to property, skin tone and a dream spouse. Even Dragonash's fiancee, who is 29 and unemployed but works as a go-go dancer in Second Life, has a boyfriend. She engages in cyber sex with him and, before you ask, Dragonash doesn't watch. And no, he adds, it doesn't bother him.

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