Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hiring A Private Investigator Is The Key To Catching A Cheating Spouse

According to Christopher Paoletti, the Founder and President of Infidelity Investigations (www.infidelitypolice.com), a full service private investigation agency located in Bridgeport, Connecticut specializing in infidelity cases, individuals that may be unaware of a cheating spouse are putting themselves at risk.

“Surveys show that infidelity is more rampant than most people think,” says Paoletti whose investigations have been the subject of countless divorce proceedings in Connecticut and throughout the United States. “Although many people will ultimately catch a cheating spouse, there are many who never find the truth that they deserve.”

Paoletti says that a gut feeling, usually based on changes in the behavior of the cheating spouse, is usually enough of a reason to consider hiring a private investigator and he says that while victims deserve the truth about a cheating spouse, the reason for hiring a private investigation firm is to protect oneself.

“First and foremost, gaining proof of a cheating spouse will protect the victim legally because, in some states, adultery can be grounds for divorce,” says Paoletti. “Secondly, knowing the truth can protect the victim emotionally because suspicion alone can do great damage. By revealing the truth once and for all, the victim can finally learn to handle the situation and move forward.”

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