Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Bug's Life a Busy One as Lovers Get Suspicious

Sydney is in the grip of an infidelity epidemic, with more than 1000 people a month wanting to monitor their partner's every word and move. At least, that's what private investigators would have you believe.

According to one, Luke Athens, suspicious spouses are spending thousands of dollars to have tracking boxes fitted under cars, their partner's deleted text messages read and gifts delivered with cameras and listening devices hidden inside. He said yesterday he cannot keep up with demand. "I don't know what is going on out there, but business is absolutely booming."

His company, Heartbreakers, carries out sweeps for listening devices on Sydney homes every week and says one in five come up positive. He says people are buying bugs on eBay for as little as $120 and hiding them behind powerpoint covers or in light fittings. It is not illegal to buy or own bugs but it is illegal to use them without the consent of the person being bugged.

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